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Web Design Process

Step 1 (Select Your Package)

Graphics Promo offers effective web design solutions for all types of businesses. We provide a vast range of services from design to programming features such as a customized CMS and shopping carts. You can start by visiting the Packages section to find a list of our web design packages.

We offer 6 different web design packages that vary depending on your preferences. Select one which best suits your needs and click on it, you will be directed to a secure online order form. Once you select a package, we'll collect your contact and personal information. This will allow our design consultants to monitor your progress and personally contact you if they notice you are having difficulty during the design process. In addition, you can reach us by phone call, or e-mail with any questions about your project.

Step 2 (Describe Your Project)

The second part is very important to the web design process and will help us create the right image for your company. The first part is a personal information questionnaire. Please fill in your name, the company's name, as well as your e-mail and mailing address.

When we start to design your website we start with the basics i.e. to gather information from your side. We are not like others who think that website designing is done just as we like for any client. We allow clients to provide their brief and get their feedback and all the relevant information needed to make a perfect online professional business website. Now the construction begins in accordance with the needs of your business along with the designing part i.e. displaying your business to the visitors in the best possible way be it text, graphics etc. Please take your time. We need to know your field of business, your company's philosophy and any ideas you may have for the web design. If you have any questions about the creative brief, don't worry. You can contact us for assistance, or you can submit the creative brief as is. One of our design representatives will review your work and call you if he or she notices any issues.

Step 3 (Make Your Payments)

You will then get a chance to process your payment in real time by using Visa, Master Card, AMEX, or Discover. We guarantee that the transaction is carried out with the highest security possible. After receiving the order form, Graphics Promo will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your order and answer any questions concerning your web design project.

Step 4 (Receive Your Draft)

After receipt of your payments, we will begin working on your project. You should be able to receive your initial design variations in 2 -8 business days, however failing to provide us with complete content for the project can cause the deadline to be delayed. To begin the initial designs we will require full content for at least 2 pages of your project. It is usually the home page and one of the following pages. The content should include : internal links, fully edited text, images and pictures if you have any particular preference. Your initial designs will be presented on a personal web page in a picture format. You will have 1-3 concepts (depending on the package) of two of your first pages. On your web page, you will have an option to choose a final set or request changes on the posted samples.

Step 5 (Make Revisions)

Here comes the moment which you’ve been waiting for! Now you can see the proof with your own eyes why we claim that we are the best that the industry has to offer. The initial draft is based on your brief and the designer’s understanding of your brief along with their ideas. 99% of our clients have been extremely satisfied with the website designs that we have designed for them so far.

Your input will be processed accordingly. We will begin working on your revisions immediately. Simple changes will be completed in one to two business days. More complex design variations may take up to 5 business days. You can take your time on viewing the designs – there is no time limit on any of the packages.

If you have any questions or are having trouble putting your thoughts into words, you are welcome to contact your account manager for assistance. Your account manager is trained to personally assist you during the revision process and discuss with you the different ideas you might be considering. Your account manager will help you understand what makes a great web.

Step 6 (Get Your Final Design)

After you approve your initial design, we will inquire for the rest of the content for the remaining pages. Depending on the complexity of the pages you might go through the same design process as with your initial pages, or we can skip directly to the conversion. When all the changes have been completed to your satisfaction and you finalized your design for all the pages, we will proceed with the conversion. A simple conversion of 5 pages may take up to 5 business days. The conversion may be split in to several stages, you may start seeing your pages one by one as they are being completed. You will receive a link to view your pages via e-mail.

Same rules of changes apply to the converted pages, we can adjust fonts, change details, colors and sizes, but we cannot go back to changing the design completely. Please note that the amount of changes in each package is different and limited. Design changes and conversion changes will count towards the total amount.

Depending on the project and the package you may have some programming functionality on your site such as a shopping cart or CMS. Programming functionality usually takes place at the end of the project when most of the pages are converted. The delivery date depends on each project individually according to the contract. You will be given a chance to test all the functions and work on bugs or changes before the approval.

When you finalize and approve all converted pages, we will upload all the files to your server and set up databases or we can e-mail all the files to you. Graphics Promo does not provide hosting services. You must consult Graphics Promo`s project manager before purchasing a hosting plan to insure the plan will meet the requirements of your site. Graphics Promo is not responsible in setting up your server. Graphics Promo also provides a free 6 months service for small text changes and adjustments.

Graphics Promo can satisfy all your design needs, including custom web design, brochure and advertising design, flyer design, logo design, stationery design and more. If you would like to discuss any of your design needs with one of our design consultants, just call us at 832-484-3371.


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