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Web Design

Graphics Promo has over 10 years of graphic design and web designing experience. Whether you are making your website from scratch or recreating an existing design. We have top web developers in our team creating highly successful web products. Once you come to us with your website development requirements, you are insured to get the best solution.

Why to choose a low quality website, when you are able to acquire awesome services of at really affordable price. We offer high quality services at the price you can easily afford. Designing a website that reflects your brand identity is important, whether it's a static brochure website, content managed website, a Flash animated website or an E-commerce website with full shopping cart. It's equally important to produce great designs that are technically sound and are built to W3C web standards.

Brochure websites

Brochure websites comprise of a few choice pages that are pointed at advancing product/company awareness. They are appropriate for businesses who are yet to benefit from a online presence, and who may move onto developing an e-commerce site later on. Visit our portfolio to sample the variety of our designs, or view our packages, starting at $199 for up to 5 pages.

Content Management System websites

A CMS is known as an application that allows a number of employees to produce, modify, handle and lastly publish a wide range of content (like text, images, movie, documents and so forth), although being restricted simply by a centralized group of regulations, procedure and workflow which assure defined, authenticated electronic content. It is used to basically manage the content. All sorts of business documents can also be prepared using the CMS.

E-commerce websites

An increasingly important part of any business today is the need for an e-commerce website. It must be well designed, perform effectively, and be appealing to shoppers. Graphics Promo's developers provide solutions take the worry and the bother out of running an online business. Our custom created solutions feature the latest technology at affordable prices.


Web Design Samples

Our Web Development Strategy

The entire Web Development cycle of our company includes:

1. Need analysis

The web development process starts with this stage. At this period of foundation a elaborated study is executed as to what is the actual necessity of the client and how it can be achieved.

2. Planning and designing

This part includes the formulation of design and what delicate technologies and methodologies are to be taken in charge. The entire process of designing is classified with respect to time period.

3. Implementation

After completing the planning and designing of the solution to be proposed comes the actual implementation of web development process. In this stage, after a design has been finalized comes the process of programming.

4. Testing

Once done with the process of designing and implementation comes the testing phase. In this the product is tested for its error free working and efficiency.

5. Maintenance and Post implementation

The web development process comes to an end at the stage of maintenance and implementation. In this the aftermath is taken care of.

Web Design Process

We begin with talking to you and listening to your thoughts and ideas; we then take your conceptions and work with you to create the perfect solution. You will be involved with the process from beginning to end. We follow a very systematic, 6 step process to ensure that you get your site designed without any trouble even if you do not have much technical knowledge.


Website Design process step 1 Select a Package that best matches your preferences. Follow the step by step process to submit your order. Ready to order? Take the first step now.
web design process step 2 Complete our creative brief that ensures we understand your business and your vision. we will require full content for at least 2 pages of your project.
design process step 3 Make your payments through secured third party processors using Visa, Master Card, AMEX or Discover.
web design process step 4 View, revise or approve the website options that our team of professional designers create for you.
web creation process step 5 After getting your feedback on the initial designs, our developers will incorporate your views in developing the final website.
Web development process step 6 Once you finalize and approve all of the modified pages, we may transfer all of the files to your server and create databases or we may e-mail all of the files to you.

View our Web Design Process in more detail.

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