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Photo Retouching

As a product owner, you always wanted to save the time for image retouching. At Graphics Promo, we understand the magnificence of every moment you spend merely working on your images to apply the finishing touches. We as well realize that with every additional hour washed-out on retouching images you're losing your precious money.

Graphics Promo welcomes you to this department on Photo Retouching. We devote this division to the photographers and graphic designers who cannot afford to lose their precious time and money. With Graphics Promo along your side you can be rest assured that your images will now be personally edited out and refined by the digital image professionals and experts with extreme care.

Photo retouching service is used by studio, photographers and individuals alike. Product photos should appear attractive and appealing to build the business niche you wish them to. Photo retouching can do this in a blink of an eye. Our Photo retouching squad is able to produce quality work in the least turnaround time. We propose Photo retouching services including retouching product photographs, image cut-outs of products for brochures, adding up text captions to images, touching up average Photo to create appealing brochure, etc. Our range of Photo touching up services include coloring a black & white image, adding up, altering or moving out a background or object or enhancing the image and create it the way it was meant to be.

We offer photo retouching services like removing unwanted objects, changing backgrounds, crystal effects, adding text, portrait effects, Masking, Clipping Path etc. Our clients are from trades like furniture, garment, crystallization, manufacturing, media, publication etc.

Our quality Photo Retouching services are outlined here:

High End Photo Retouching

Wedding Photo Retouching

Adding / removing Backgrounds

Real Estate Photo Enhancements

Glare & Red Eye removal

Add Background & Border

Adding / removing Objects

Reflection Effects

Clipping Path

Motion Effects

Digital Photography Retouching

Extreme Photo Retouching

Glamour Photo Retouching

Black And White Photo Retouching

Photo Editing And Retouching

Photo Finishing Services

Retouch Old Photo

Retouching Digital Photos


Crystal effects for Crystallization

Portrait effects

Black And White Photo Retouching


Photo retouch samples


We fix and restore damaged images and add aliveness to the photos that are old or impaired in fire, natural catastrophe, sunlight exposure and faded photos that are antique or of historic nature. In addition to digital restoration we also colorize the photographs, turn it to sepia tone and fix the most worn ones as well. We can as well touch up or repair the images which are blur dim or damaged because of stain, dust, finger smudge, and defect on camera lens. We realize memories are valuable to people and with our Image restoration service these memories can last.

Digital photo colorization

Image colorization calls for adding up/enhancing selected colors on a grayscale (black & white) or faded color photograph. Some of the common processes that can be done are adding text, background change, getting rid of bad shadows, altering clothes, color change, color correction, repairing hair, restoring skin, brighten/dim areas, motion effects, red eye removal, remove persons from group photos, move out unwanted objects and so forth.

Special effects can also be added to the snaps, for instance focusing or defocusing parts of the photograph, imparting perspective, adjusting distortions, softening portraits, adding up optical lens patterns, glints, glows, sparks and flares to produce spectacular effects.

Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement services, which is compound touching up area like reconstructing of Image areas, skins, objects, faces, products etc. along with color view correction. We provide image enhancement service for dim, broken, pathetic, old photos by moving out or altering unwanted/faulty areas. So color enhancement and balancing is major part. We extend this service primarily to modeling, advertising, publishing, printing and Jewelry companies.

What We Can Do For You ?

Remove tears, marks, bends, scratches, creases etc.
Repair faded tones and colors to their original appearance.
Adjust color shifts and removal of yellowing Accentuate highlights and bring out details.
Colorize photos to your specifications.
Transform black and white to duotones, tri tones.
Merge 2 or more photos.
Enhance sharpness, contrast, and brightness.
Add/remove objects and people.

Standard Photo Enhancement Services :

Add Text

Background Change

Color Correction

Fix Clothes

Fix Hair

Fix Skin

Fix Something Else

Lighten/Darken Area

Motion Effects

Pro Red Eye Repair

Remove Person(s)

Remove Thing(s)

Photo Cut-Out

Photo Retouching

Removal of dust and scratches


Color Correction

Contrast and Brightness Corrections

Lens Correction

Red Eye Removal

Perspective Correction

Soften Wrinkles

Lighting Effects

Acne removal


Stray Hair Removal

Digital Coloring

Photo Alterations / Manipulations


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