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Logo Design Process

Step 1 (Select Your Package)

Graphics Promo offers effective logo design solutions for all types of businesses. You can start by visiting the packages section of our website to find a list of logo design packages.

We offer 6 different packages that vary depending on the number of designers from our network, and the number of concepts and revisions that will be available. The more expensive packages also come with other design options, including customized business stationery. We offer many other design options separate from our packages as well, but the logo design package is where you'll want to start.

Once you select a logo design package, we'll collect your contact and personal information. This will allow our design consultants to monitor your progress and personally contact you if they notice you are having difficulty during the process. In addition, you can reach us by phone call, or e-mail with any questions about your project.

Step 2 (Describe Your Project)

The second part is very important to the logo design process and will help us create the right brand image for your company. Please take your time. We need to know your field of business, your company's philosophy and any ideas you may have for the design. If you have any questions about the creative brief, don't worry. You can contact us for assistance, or you can submit the creative brief as is. One of our representatives will review your work and call you if he or she notices any issues. Whatever you do, make sure you complete and submit the creative brief because we will not assign logo designers to begin working on your project until you complete the brief. At Graphics Promo we are committed to protecting your privacy.

Step 3 (Make Your Payments)

You will then get a chance to process your payment for the service in real time by using Visa, Master Card, AMEX, or Discover through secured server.

We guarantee that the transaction is carried out with the highest security possible. After receiving the order form, Graphics Promo will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm your order and answer any questions concerning your project.

Step 4 (Receive Your Draft)

After your payment has been received, we will begin working on your project. You will be notified by phone or e-mail, and will be given a web address for your own private project page. A team of 2 to 7 designers will collaborate on each project. In 2 - 5 business days we will present 1 - 12 initial concepts (depending on the package).

You'll get as many logo concepts as you ordered in your package. In addition, sometimes designers will provide an extra design concept for free. The creative team sometimes make comments about their concepts to help you understand why they chose to illustrate a logo a particular way.

Step 5 (Make Revisions)

In this step you will be requested to review the concepts so that changes may be made if any. Your input will be processed accordingly. We will begin working on your revisions immediately. Simple changes will be completed in one to two business days. You can take your time on viewing the designs – there is no time limit on any of the logo design packages.

If you have any questions or are having trouble putting your thoughts into words, you are welcome to contact your account manager for assistance. Your account manager is trained to personally assist you during the revision process and discuss with you the different ideas you might be considering. Your account manager will help you understand all the procedures.

Step 6 (Get Your Final Logo)

After you finalize your design, we'll format it for immediate download so you can start using it right away. This ensures that your logo will look great in any application including, websites, Microsoft Office, e-mail signatures, signs, billboards, vehicle graphics, print material and promotional products.

Graphics Promo can satisfy all your graphic design needs, including custom web design, brochure and advertising design, flyer design, logo design, stationery design and more. If you would like to discuss any of your design needs with one of our design consultants, just call us at 832-484-3371.


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